The Colour Factory

The Colour Factory, Winchester


Possibly owing to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday, the session was not attended by the same number of people as the previous sessions, but the results were just as pleasing.  See for yourself here:

The Colour Factory, June Half-Term Stopmotion Workshops

The Colour Factory, Easter Holiday Stop-motion Workshops

Easter Holiday 2012 workshops.

Each workshop lasted for three hours and the twelve attendees for each session were split into groups of three.  The filmmakers were given totally free reign over the content of their films in terms of subject matter and materials used.

Both sessions sold out, which was encouraging.

There will be another session (or more if there is demand) during summer half-term and I plan to run a week-long animation school during the summer holiday.

The Colour Factory is an artist’s studio group of five professional artists, who work together producing imaginative community and educational projects.  They also let out their studio space for private hires, birthday parties and workshops such as the ones that I ran.

The artists were very supportive, encouraging and friendly.  Please visit them if you are in the area as they not only produce their work at the studio but  sell it as well.


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