St. Paulinus Primary School, Crayford, Kent
Integrating Peter Daniel’s History Projects into St Paulinus Curriculum

At St Paulinus I have been delighted to incorporate local history projects into our school curriculum either as discrete sessions or as part of our termly curriculum planning.

Children from all years have benefitted from these projects, which have enabled teaching staff to ensure the delivery of a creative curriculum that has, over time, included elements from every curriculum area.

It was some years ago that Mr Daniel’s approached the school to enquire about providing projects relating to local history. It was at this time, the school decided to review the whole school History curriculum. To this end World War II and local history was allocated to year 6.

Thus an exciting challenge was set, to teach not only required elements but couple them with meaningful facts relating to Crayford and to many of the children’s family history.

The first thing I did was to merge the planning from the projects with QCA planning – this was a very simple task to do. The topic books provide a wealth of information, are beautifully illustrated and easy for the children to understand. To enhance these projects the children have been involved in animation, art, drama, literacy, RE and musical productions. The animations have proved to be a fantastic teaching tool in subsequent years.

Teaching the curriculum in this manner has enabled me to ensure all children have been given the opportunity to consider how Crayford has changed due to historical events, the actions of famous people and the industrialisation of the area. For the children who have family in the area, learning in this manner adds the additional stimulus of not only being able to discuss events with parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents but also opens the opportunity for them to ask questions about their ancestry, which supports the development of self motivation towards their own learning.

Autumn Term year6

World War I and II:​  Not Forgotten Remembrance Day Project, Bartram, the Blitz and Beyond.

Autumn Term Year 5​

Victorians: ​​​​Swaisland Project The Fabric of Our Town

Spring Term Year 6​

Art/ Design and Technology , Music: ​Swaisland Project The Fabric of Our Town.

PSHE​​​​​: Cholera and the Thames: A Westminster Story

Summer Term Year 6

History of the local area:​​ Alcock and Brown aviation project A Magnificent Town and its Flying Machines.

Sylvia Smith, Year 6 Teacher.

The Colour Factory
My son had a great week with you – thank you very much!  
He loved learning new techniques and coming up with ideas for stories/models etc.  It was lovely to see him so excited about it all.  
He’s looking forward to seeing the final DVD!  Many thanks for all your hard work in making the course such a success.
Best wishes,



Tom has worked at the Design Museum since 2003 in a freelance capacity as an animation tutor and workshop leader.  During that time Tom has regularly led the museum’s popular weekend and summer holiday Animate! workshops – part of our family learning programme aimed at 6 – 12 year olds working alongside their parents or carers.

Since 2004 Tom has also worked on our Saturday Design Challenge programme for gifted and talented students, and with KS4 groups on the museum’s work-based simulation projects, during which students make short, promotional animations in response to a design brief to create marketing materials to support a given exhibition.

Tom’s enthusiasm and expertise as an animator is complemented by his approach to teaching – he is an excellent communicator and empathetic tutor, who is able to respond to individual learners’ needs.  Tom is able to establish an instant rapport with students and uses his informal style and inherent wit to relax and motivate the group.

Jane McCarthy

Head of Education, Design Museum

Thanks.  Best workshop ever!

Cherstyn Hurley

Parent attending Animate! family workshop.


Tom has been employed at the Forest Gate City Learning Centre as a cut-out card animator, running sessions with both primary and secondary pupils as well as teaching and advisory staff in the London Borough of Newham.

His explanations, descriptions & demonstrations of the process inspired the students who then went on to create animations of a high quality within the time permitted.

He approached the task and related to the students in a professional manner and was clear on what he required in good time prior to the session.

I would certainly employ Tom again and would recommend other City Learning Centre, creative projects and other such schemes to use him.

Diane Mayers

Forest Gate City Learning Centre Manager


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