The Hour: Animation to promote new art prints by Neil Wyatt at The Handmade Cyclist

I was commissioned recently to animate five art prints by graphic artist Neil Wyatt at The Handmade Cyclist. The Hour record was broken most recently by Bradley Wiggins.


The purest test of a rider and machine, the hardest ride of them all.

A series of five artworks by The Handmade Cyclist, exclusively available from and


Here’s how the Handmade Cyclist website tells the story behind the prints:


The Hour Record. The purest test of a rider and machine, the hardest ride of them all.

The story of The Hour is one of drama and intrigue disproportionate to the simplicity of the challenge. From the great Eddy Merckx’s shattering of the record in 1972 to Bradley Wiggins’s awesome fusion of fitness and technology in 2015. This series of prints illustrates the great and sometimes controversial record-breaking rides that defined their eras.

The Hour strips aside every outside influence on the rider. One rider, on the track. No wind, no hills, no drafting.  Just the rider and the bike.

The man-machine.



If you want to buy the prints there are two sources.

They can be purchased directly from The Handmade Cyclist


Signed copies are available from Rouleur Magazine.

Here’s their take on the story of The Hour:

The Hour Record, one of the most gruelling events in cycling; the purest of tests and most prestigious of records – one hour, one bike, one rider

Five screen prints, commissioned from artist Neil Wyatt, celebrating 40 years of Hour Record history. The achievements of Merckx, Moser, Obree, Boardman and most recently Wiggins are commemorated as A2 prints. These seven-colour hand-pulled screen prints are exclusive to Rouleur, each one numbered and signed by the artist, limited to 100 of each edit.