Nature Magazine animation

I recently animated a couple of sequences for Nature Magazine, which can be seen here at the 3:30 point as well as 8:00:

The brief was to animate Lego bricks, but virtual ones as opposed to actual bricks. I created these in Photoshop then animated them in After Effects.


TV Pilot

I’m excited to announce that I have been asked to participate in a friend’s TV project.   Jenny Muncaster is an artist, based at The Colour Factory in Winchester, who is about to embark on a brand new TV series (title TBC) in which she encourages members of the public to create their own art using a variety of techniques.  I have been invited to create some animated sequences as well as some voice overs (possibly).

Here is the sequence that I created fore the pilot episode.  A second version was used in the version that was taken to the Cannes TV festival and won a distribution deal after a bidding war.

A Day At Scout Camp

I recently led three cut-out stop-motion sessions with a scout group in Basingstoke around the theme of A Day At Scout Camp.  The troop enjoyed the whole process of devising their scenes as well as creating the sound effects, dialogue, art work and animation.  Here are the results…

Pom-Pom Plays The Game

Here are some excerpts from my latest film with City of Westminster Archives.  The film is called ‘Pom-pom’ Plays The Game and tells the story of Robert Pom-pom Whiting, who was a footballer and soldier during World War I.

The film combines archive stills (from the Westminster Archives collection as well as some of Pom-pom’s family photos, courtesy of his grand-daughter Julia Haydock); stop-motion animation and After Effects animation of artwork created by attendees of Diwali in the Square, which took place in Trafalgar Square in October 2014.

The sequences here were filmed at College Park School in London and were animated by students there.

The animation and editing is nearing completion and I look forward to sharing the finished  film with you soon.

Summer workshops: Phoenix Cinema, Finchley; Novium & House of Illustration

Over the summer holidays I ran a two day workshop at the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley, London.
Eight boys made three films between them, using cut-out stop motion.

The House of Illustration workshop tied in with their reopening in new premises. This workshop was primarily aimed towards creating camera-less animation, namely thaumotropes and zoetropes. There was one cut-out stopmotion film made however. The workshop was a drop-in for family groups and was well attended.

I also ran a workshop at Novium in Chichester, during which stop motion techniques were used to create 3-D model and pixilation films. The film for this cannot be uploaded however, for reasons of child protection, as the children themselves appear in the film.