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  1. hi,
    i work at a school and you recently did a workshop with us. you had a box of figures with accessories and i am interested in how i could purchase a box like this. if you have any information that could help me, it would be much appreciated.
    thank you

    anita flood

  2. Many congratulations on the Sam Bartram film – great stuff. Please send my congratulations to Peter Daniel for the excellent script. I am, like Peter, a Charlton fan of long standing, and although I never saw Sam play – my Dad did, who first took me to the Valley in 1964 – his name was often mentioned in the early sixties and those young ones amongst knew he meant something special to Charlton fans.

    I particularly enjoyed the way the film connected football to wider social history, the War in particular, and showed youngsters of today the way that the local club in the pre – Sky/corporate days was organic to the local community. They will know nothing of this, and the film helps them to understand that the game hasn’t always been driven by the cash nexus.
    Again, well done.

    Steve Williams

    • Many thanks for your positive comments Steve. I hope that the film helps the next generation gain an understanding of the important role that the club has had, and can still have, in the community.

      Best wishes,

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