World War I projects

Over the last decade I have been involved with the making of a variety of films based around the subject of World War I.  I recently uploaded some of my earliest films on this subject to Vimeo, which you can view below.


I am presently working on a film with Westminster Archives about Robert ‘Pom-Pom’ Whiting, who was goalkeeper for Brighton and Hove Albion and Chelsea in the years prior to the outbreak of The Great War, during which he lost his life.


The Burial of the Unknown Warrior

Made  by Westminster school children, to commemorate the many men who had lost their lives during World War I as part of Westminster’s Remembrance Day celebrations in 2007.


Not Forgotten

Another meditation on The Unknown Warrior memorial in Westminster Abbey, this film combines the stories of four people who travel in the same train carriage on their way to the unveiling of the memorial.  Each hopes that the soldier buried under the memorial is their lost loved one.  Children from schools in Kent contributed artwork and animation to this moving piece. Made in 2008.


Crossing the White Line: The Walter Tull Story

Orphaned from a young age, and cared for at the Bethnal Green Children’s Home, Walter Tull was the first man of colour to be made an officer in the British Army, at a time when it was against army regulations to allow any non-white man to be ranked as an officer.  He was also the first professional outfield footballer of colour in England, having played for Clacton, Tottenham Hotspur and Northampton Town.  He was in the process of transferring to Glasgow Rangers when war broke out.  His remarkable story was brought to life with the help of children from Tull’s elementary school in Folkestone, Kent as well as children from the National Children’s Home. Made in 2007.



A Miller’s Tale and Other Stories

This tells a story of how German citizens living in London around the time of the outbreak of war were victimised by people who had known them, sometimes for years, as members of their local community.  Other Stories include The Christmas Truce Cross-Dressers; The INternment of Max Paul Seeburg and a poem called When I Am Dead by Sgt. John Hayden.  A Miller’s tale was made with the help of young adults with learning disabilities at Bishop Creighton House, Hammersmith in 2007.


Sgt. Brookes and the Christmas Day Truce Cross-Dressers

This film was designed to be a sound-effects workshop, using footage from previous animations that I had worked on as well as creating new footage and using images from The City of Westminster Archives Centre and the private collection of Peter Daniel.  The sound effects were created by children from St. Paulinus School, Westminster in 2007.





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