Cholera & The Thames: A Westminster Story


To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Dr. John Snow’s birth, Westminster Archives have created a blog page, which touches on the aims of the project, but mention of my input has been omitted!

For further information about the whole project please visit

This project culminated in an exhibition at the SW1 Gallery in London.


Charlie Ebenezer is a property developer who cares only about his business and not other people or how dirty water can affect the lives of anyone who comes into contact with it.

Charlie is visited by the ghost of his old business partner and three spirits of Old Father Thames: past, present and future. Between them, they show him the story of how cholera was a deadly problem for Soho, Westminster, London in the not too distant past and remains a killer disease in areas of the world that have poor access to good sanitation.

Film Crew:

The film was designed and part-animated by school children (cut-out card, stop-motion sequences) from Soho Parish Primary School, Paddington Children’s Library, College Park School and family groups who attended the Mayor’s Thames Festival.

Script writer:

Peter Daniel

Project officer:

Camilla Bergman.

Voice cast:

Alex Kelly (Tamara Drewe, Psychoville, Vera Drake)

Neil Cole (Stag Hunt, 42, AXN Shakedown, Hitchcock’s Half Hour)

Dave Brown (the Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding‘s Luxury Comedy)

Tom Hillenbrand (AD/BC, Monkey Dust, Hitchcock’s Half Hour)

Animation Process

With the help of Camilla Bergman I had eight contact days working with family groups and school children who designed the cut-out characters and props using art card and blutac. Their animated sections were filmed using iCanAnimate Pro .  The rest of the animation I did myself using Photostudio to scan the drawings, Photoshop Elements to clean the images up and After Effects to animate them.  The editing was done in Final Cut Pro.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Thames Water.


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