'Brain Drain' image by Tom Hillenbrand
Beautness is the alias for Tom Hillenbrand. I run a series of animation & video workshops aimed at those who wish to learn traditional animation techniques in a fun and stimulating way, using both modern, user-friendly technology and camera-free techniques.
I studied animation at the University of Humberside in the early 1990’s, as part of a Graphic Design degree.  Working as an animation demonstrator at MOMI (the Museum Of the Moving Image) acted as a springboard to working with the MOMI Education department as an animation workshop leader and occasional speaker/presenter.  Talks include representing the NFT (National Film Theatre) Education Department at the Artsmark Award Ceremony in 2002,  and stressed the nature of film and specifically animation as an all encompassing art-form.
I  have gone on to develop various animation, video and graphic design workshops for a wide range of clients and educational organisations teaching students from 6 to 18 years old, young people with learning disabilities, adults, teacher training and family groups.

I draw from my experiences working as a voice-over artist, 3-D model animator, scriptwriter, storyboard artist, character & set designer and stand-up comedian in my teaching practice.

I have a current CRB certificate and Public Liability Insurance.

Additional animation work includes:

–    3-D model animator and script-writer on the children’s TV show

P.B. Bear & Friends for Nickelodeon & Channel 5;

–   Scriptwriter & storyboard artist on Yoho Ahoy for BBC Worldwide

and COG (Consortium of Gentlemen);

–   Channel 4/BFI AIR (Animator In Residence) Scheme


–   Voice-over artist for:

Monkey Dust (BBC),

Moo(n) (Dir. Leigh Hodgkinson, Slinky Pics Ltd., Channel 4),

New Balls Please (Dir. Richard James, Sherbet, Channel 4),

Meet Johnny Real (Dir. Chris Gavin, BBC).


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